CULTI CAM. Automatic control.

Protect your plants and guarantee quality.

Driving in emerged crops requires precision in order to ensure that plants are not damaged and to achieve optimum crop care results. To make this aim a reality, CLAAS E-Systems has designed the CULTI CAM specifically for automatically controlling cultivators in row crops. Thanks to a highly specialised camera, the system detects plant rows almost perfectly. Any deviations or inaccuracies are automatically compensated for the cultivator. This means that it is always optimally aligned with the plant, down to the nearest few centimetres.

Additional advantages include:

  • Efficient weed control because the cultivator moves close to the plants, perfect for organic and conventional cultivation, especially for herbicide-resistant crops
  • Driving speed can be increased to enable up to 25 % higher area coverage
  • Automatic driving error compensation occurs directly on the cultivator, even for inexperienced drivers
  • Less fatigue for the driver
  • The cultivator works closer to the plants than when manually controlled
  • Minimises damage to the fruit crop



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