Steering systems are indispensable.

Precision down to the centimetre is one of our strengths. CLAAS steering systems support you by easy and logical operation while working in the field, on grassland or other terrain.

Good reasons to use steering systems.

  • Make every track exactly the same as the previous one
  • Make full use of the working width
  • Reduce overlapping
  • Save valuable operational time
  • Reduce stress and strain on the driver
  • Optimise the cost-efficiency of all your operations

Manual systems.

  • Parallel guidance by means of a lightbar or LED display
  • Display shows the steering lock angle to be applied
  • Corrects the direction of travel
  • Accuracy depends on display and driver‘s skill
  • Ideal when working without tramlines
  • Display of the corrected GPS position

Assisted steering systems.

  • Entry-level automatic steering
  • Flexible steering technology, can be used on different machines
  • CLAAS range of correction signals covers all accuracy requirements
  • Automatic steering systems actively intervene in the steering process
  • The vehicle is automatically steered along parallel tracks

Automatic systems.

  • Actively control the vehicle‘s steering hydraulics
  • Are always an integral component of the vehicle
  • CLAAS range of correction signals covers all accuracy requirements
  • Offer the highest level of convenience and accuracy
  • Permanently installed on the machine


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