Agricultural engineering – one of the most important future industries.

Our industry is dynamic and faces major challenges: Natural conditions bring about clear limitations by restricting the weight, width and height of the machines used. Higher yields can therefore not be generated by using larger machines. In addition, the unpredictability of nature cannot be planned.

In order to meet these challenges and to make sure that the world population can be fed, the requirements made on complex, agricultural information technology have increased.

We are aware of these global mega trends and are responding to them with sustainable, efficient solutions.

Global mega trends of farming

The population is growing

Future research predicts growth of the world’s population from 7.3 billion (2015) to 9.6 billion people (2050). At the same time consumer behavior is changing.

Nutritional requirements are increasing

In 2015 the global population needed 1.8 billion tonnes of grain and 300 million tonnes of meat cultivated on agricultural land of 52 Mio. km². And what about the year 2050? The demand for grain will increase to 3 billion tonnes, meat consumption to 470 million tonnes. However, the available agricultural area will drop to 50 million km² (FAO conference 2009 in Rome).


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